Title: Dubai’s Bachelors Live The Hard Way

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Dubai, which boasts about its dreams and landmarks, does not have enough space to shelter those very same who made those dreams and landmarks a reality.

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While Dubai may have grown amazingly in the last few years, some of its gray areas still remain unresolved. For example, its roads speak of congestion and indiscipline, which remain critical despite of so many measures being undertaken by the government. Similarly, the issue of poor working conditions and scarce accommodation for laborers can also be mentioned here. The lack of accommodation for the bachelors is yet another area that we can speak about. Surprisingly, the city, which boasts about its dreams and landmarks, does not have enough space to shelter those very same who made those dreams and landmarks a reality. So many Dubai apartments, furnished villas and Dubai hotel apartments to speak of, yet no permanent respite from not having even a decent place to spend nights at.

First of all, most bachelors in the Islamic UAE are regarded as a taboo. They are seen as intruders and spoilsports, and are prevented from mixing up with females. Some governments, including the one in Dubai, plan to further tighten the noose by making legislations in this regard. A new draft law in Abu Dhabi proposes to heftily fine those, who might partially rent their properties to bachelors. This may further worsen the situation, unless of course, the government had more housing plans ready with them. Since, Dubai apartments are short in supply and the rents very high, bachelors had no other option but to share space with landlords. It may not be possible to share properties in the future, however. Many Dubai realtors renting furnished villas and Dubai hotel apartments may also suffer, if an Abu Dhabi like legislation was to be enacted ever.

An obvious solution to this issue can be found by creating more apartments that were meant only for accommodating bachelors. The government in the UAE has already taken several steps in this regard. However, the singles are not too hopeful about their possible outcome. Right now, many singles daily travel up to three hours to make it into Dubai from their homes elsewhere. The traffic congestion only makes this task more herculean. Realtors making Dubai apartments, hotels, villas and Dubai hotel apartments are not concerned about accommodating bachelors. They mainly deal in high-end shopping malls, lavish hotels, apartments and commercial establishments. This obviously leaves the singles of Dubai stranded between the ethics and the market forces.

From a bachelor’s view point, the administration and ethnic Arabs need to be more lenient towards the whole issue. While it may be necessary to respect the local way of life, the issue should not be taken to extreme levels. There is a large expatriate segment living in Dubai right now. They come from all over the world and play a key role in the emirate’s growth. Hoards of city’s landmarks, hotels, Dubai apartments, villas and Dubai hotel apartments story-tell how the two, ethnic Arabs and expatriates, have grown into a modern-day folklore. To strengthen this tie-up even more, both sides will require listening to each other, and resolve the issue carefully. Dubai’s cosmopolitan society needs opening up more and not be an orthodox one like many other countries in the area.

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