Title: Dubai To Acquire Eco-Friendly Infrastructure

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Dubai’s latest infrastructure is to be eco-friendly, it has been decided. Read more of this article to know about it.

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It didn’t surprise observers, when Dubai announced its plan to make eco-friendly buildings. First of all, Dubai’s own roots were dug deep inside a vast barren land. Aided by the latest building science, they went on to erect a modern-day giant right in the midst of sand dunes. To have an eco-friendly approach was but a necessity for their growth oriented policies now. That is why many ongoing constructions involving Dubai hotels (United Arab Emirates), furnished apartments, villas and office blocks are being asked now to be eco-friendly. Dubai’s skyline has grown by an alarming rate in the last few years, which raises the possibility of a resource crunch taking place in the future. To cope with any such eventuality, one requires adopting eco-friendly methods for constructing newer shopping malls, villas, and Dubai hotels.

One may ask here what exactly are the eco-friendly or green buildings that we are speaking about. Do they have farming and gardening going inside them alongside with the usual way of living? This author paused for a moment to look around for the answer, and found this explanation. Buildings that were friendly to the eco system, including the humans residing inside them, were supposed to be called by the name ecologically-friendly or green buildings. In other words, they were to be made from the recycled, eco-friendly and locally supplied construction material. This ensures two key eco-aware measures. The first, the least amount of raw material and fuel consumption taking place while the building was being developed, and the second, the least amount of green house emissions taking place once it was handed over to buyers. Keeping in mind Dubai’s size and growth, it was but necessary to ask for eco-friendly Dubai hotels (United Arab Emirates), furnished apartments and villas to continue having a sustained growth.

In the case of non-eco buildings, the impact on environment is profound. For example, the buildings of the United States consume 25% of total water, 70% of total electricity, 49 % of total energy and discharge and about 38% of total CO2. Sustainable structures, in that sense, directly improve the public health and productivity on one hand, and reduce the environmental degradation and operating costs on the other. Practitioners of the green buildings, in some cases, even go beyond the main structure and try to incorporate the vicinity as well, into their original designs. Accordingly, most upcoming Dubai hotels, hotel apartments and furnished villas can be envisaged submerging into the landscape they were made to be part of.

Some popular misconceptions about the eco-friendly and non-eco-friendly buildings both, dog the real estate market world over. For example, the damage to environment by the non-eco-friendly buildings is often underestimated. On the other hand, the construction costs of the eco-friendly ones are overestimated by 300%. This tells why there are so few green buildings to be seen around in the whole world, in the present era. Dubai, the number one city in many areas, might as well prove out to be the leader in introducing the green concept in a major style. One will have to wait and watch to see the impact of such proposals on Dubai hotels (United Arab Emirates), furnished villas and similar other initiatives.

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