Buying a property at Abbotsford BC Canada: Things you need to know

Buying a property at Abbotsford BC Canada needs to be carefully planned. There are some things you need to consider like, the kind of property that you want to buy, the exact location, the cost of the property, the payment procedures and etc.

In buying a property in Abbotsford BC Canada you need to know well the place. This will help you decide what kind of property you should invest in.

You should also know the basics of how the buying and selling of properties work.

Ignorance of the process in buying a property can be costly. If you know how it works then you can get a better deal and make the whole process less stressful.

As the buyer you are interested in finding the right property. In Abbotsford BC Canada there is the Multiple Listings Service (MLS). This online database holds details of almost all property for sale throughout Abbotsford BC Canada. All realtors have access to the MLS.

Using these searches is a great way to start the process of finding a property. But eventually you will need to get a realtor to act as your buying agent.

The first good reason to get a realtor at this point is that they have access to more information within the MLS.

When you find a property that is of interest, the realtor will arrange everything for you to see it. This viewing appointment is made with the listing agent, who is usually present at the time. The seller is very rarely present.

When you are viewing the property remember that anything you say to or in the presence of the listing agent will be passed onto the seller. This could tip your hand in any negotiation that follows.

If the seller knows you are anxious to buy because you love the house and have to get out of your rental property, then they may have the upper hand.

When you find a property that you want to buy, the realtor will help you come up with a suitable offer. Your representative will research the market and will give all the information you need.
Your realtor will advise you, using all the information she/he has, on a suitable offer. The offer covers more than just the price. You will include the dates on which you want to complete and take possession.

When the offer is presented the seller is given a deadline by which they have to respond to the offer. Of course they may simply accept the offer.

Alternatively they may come back with a counter-offer. This too is a formal, written document. They might, for example, counter with a higher price, or different dates.

You can accept their counter-offer or make your own. This goes back and forth as many times as necessary. Each time you and the seller will need to initial any changes that are made to the offer. This ensures that there can be no dispute about the terms and conditions of the offer.
Sometimes the offer is not acceptable and the offer expires.

Assuming that your offer is accepted, you will now need to do whatever is necessary to remove the subjects. This is called ?due diligence? and it is your responsibility to ensure you are happy with your new property.

For example you may need to arrange financing by seeing a mortgage broker or financial institution. Most likely you will need a building inspection.

During this period you will need to satisfy yourself that you want to go ahead with the purchase as after subjects are removed the sale is binding.

When it is time for subjects to be removed, you have a choice. You can remove the subjects and go ahead with the purchase of the property as agreed in the offer. Alternatively you can leave the subjects standing and let the offer lapse.

If you decide to proceed, then you will formally remove the subjects, by signing another document. At this point the offer becomes binding on both parties. Neither you nor the seller can now back out.

At this point you will pay the deposit agreed in the offer. This is held in an interest bearing trust account for you. And you can be confident that the property will be yours on the agreed date.

You need to engage a lawyer or notary to draw up the final account and ensure that you receive legal title to the property.

On the possession date you will get the keys to your new property. This is when title is actually transferred from the seller’s name to yours, and it’s time to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate! You have now successfully bought your home in Abbotsford BC Canada!

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